What is ArchivedWeb?

ArchivedWeb is a tool developed as a part of a university project to make archived websites or specific offline pages accessible again. Websites can become unavailable for a large number of reasons. Sometimes content is being relocated, websites are updated and redesigned or the owner simply stops running the website.

With the growing use of the internet and evolving technologies, it is now possible to find copies of pages which are no longer available online. Search engines often save these pages to make them available offline. Saved copies are also available spaced over the lifespan of the website on the Wayback Machine.

ArchivedWeb remains a free to use tool to search the cache of offline websites. If use ArchivedWeb to search for articles or publications for university work, please read our article “How to cite a cached website APA style“.

Search Google’s Cache

Our foremost recommended option is to search Google’s cache. Google is the largest search engine in the world and keeps a highly up to date database with cached websites. Google offers additional information to inform you when the page was saved and lets you easily search the page (use Crtl + F) for terms you might be looking to find.

Wayback Machine Cache

Secondly ArchivedWeb selected the Wayback Machine, operated by Archive.org, as an alternative option to Google. The Wayback Machine offers a larger database than Google, but doesn’t update as regularly. It also offers all pages it ever captured and stored in its cache, so with the Wayback Machine you can go back in history and find much older pages and web designs. It also allows you to largely browse older versions of websites.

Other cache search engines

Currently, only Google and the Wayback Machine are available. In the future we will expand our search options to all major search engines which offer a cache database.

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