What is ArchivedWeb?

A tool to search the web for an archived, cached, page of a website. It’s very useful when the website you try to visit is offline or when you want to find an old version of a website. A couple of organisations offer a database where an image of websites is saved regularly. To make searching for an archived website easy ArchivedWeb offers a free tool to do just that. After carefully testing the results with several databases we have selected two with the largest coverage and most regular updates.

Google Cache Search

Our foremost recommended option is Google Cache Search. Google being the largest search engine in the world keeps a highly up to date database with cached websites. Google offers additional information to inform you when the page was saved and lets you easily search the page (use Crtl + F) for terms you might be looking to find.

Wayback Machine Cache

Secondly ArchivedWeb has selected the Wayback Machine, operated by Archive.org, as an alternative option to Google. The Wayback Machine offers a larger database than Google, but doesn’t update as regularly. It also offers all pages it ever capture and stored in it’s cache, so with the Wayback Machine you can go back in history and find much older pages and designs.

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